Our presentation includes a brief definition of videothoracoscopy and thoracotomy and brief comparison of both with focus on rib spacing in thoracotomy. Mention is also made of study that compared a number of parameters (time of drainage, time of hospitalization, total number and number of pulmonary complications) between VATS and thoracotomy. Following a key question, how is with the pain in both cases.

Keywords: videothoracoscopy, thoracotomy, pain rate.


Before focusing on our sample we tell about the analgesia that we use perioperative and post-operative for each patient. We analysed 392 patients that underwent lung surgery in the period from January 2015 to February 2017; from which in 198 patients VATS and in 203 open lungs surgery was made. From medical documentation of each patient we recorded the level of pain at different time and days, which had been measured by VAS scale. We also recorded the time of hospitalization and the degree of pain during the first inspection.


We have found that the biggest difference in pain intensity between VATS and thoracotomy is immediately upon arrival from operating theaters (3.84 vs. 4.81). Later major differences could not be proved. Hospitalization time is longer at thoracotomy (3.68 days vs. 5.35 days). Comparison of pain at first inspection showed slightly lower rate of pain in patients that underwent VATS surgery (1,08 vs.1,4).


In conclusion, we statistically confirm or disprove our working hypothesis (P value of statistical significance).

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