June, 20th – 27th, 2016
Brijuni, Croatia

Supplement editors

Vladimir Gašparović, Milivoj Novak, Jakša Babel

Organizer of the symposium

Croatian Society of Emergency Medicine and Medical Intensive Care

Organizing committee


Vladimir Gašparović


Jakša Babel, Dubravko Huljev, Željko Krznarić, Milivoj Novak, Radovan Radonić,


Jakša Babel

English language editor 

Marina Grubišić

The Editor – in – Chief of Signa Vitae, as advised by the Editorial Board, has accepted publishing the papers of Intensive Care Week Croatia as a journal supplement.
All papers printed in this supplement have been chosen by supplement editors.
The authors of papers are responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the data presented.
The editors of the supplement have been committed to review and accept the submitted manuscripts.
The Supplement Editors are responsible of the overall quality of the Supplement.

Volume 13 Supplement 3

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