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Massimo Antonelli – Italy, Nikola Bradic – Croatia, Giorgio Conti – Italy,  Antonio Chiaretti – Italy, Daniele De Luca – France, Emir Festic – USA, Ognjen Gajic – USA, Primoz Gradisek – Slovenia, David Green – UK, Ivica Grkovic – Croatia, Stefan Grosek – Slovenia, Radmilo Jankovic – Serbia, Giovanni Landoni – Italy, Mitja Laniscak – Slovenia, Marko Ljubkovic – Croatia, Paolo Manzoni – Italy, Zsolt Molnar – Hungary,  Julije Meštrovic – Croatia, Milivoj Novak – Croatia, Matej Podbregar – Slovenia, Andrew Rhodes – UK, Juraj Sprung – USA, Guillaume Thiery – France, Lyvonne N Tume – UK

Alan Sustic
email: alan.sustic@uniri.hr
Department of Anaesthesiology, Reanimatology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka

Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Janja Kuharic Tarcukovic

Biostatistics editor
Gordana Brumini

Ethical Issues Editor
Amir Muzur

Art Editor
Hrvoje Ivic

English Language Revision
Danijela Dadić

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