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VATS thymectomy: our experience in General Hospital Zadar


Background: Traditionally, thymectomies has been performed from median sternotomy. However, VATS (Video assisted thoracoscopic surgery) for thymectomy has evolved significantly over the past two decades and is less aggressive compared to median sternotomy. Materials/methods: From June 2014. to December 2015.; 5 VATS tymectomies were performed: 3 for myastenis gravis and 2 for thymomas. There were 3 female and 2 male patients. Mean age was 35 years (range14-57 years).
Results: Mean duration of surgery was 150 minutes and mean duration of hospital stay was 4 days.
There was no hospital mortality and morbidity. No patient required assisted ventilation.
Conclusion: Video assisted thoracic surgery thymectomy results in shorter hospital stay, less postoperative pain, reduced need for postoperative analgetics and better cosmetics results, and should be considered as gold standard for thymectomy.

Key words: VATS, thymectomy, sternotomy

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Hilar lymphadenectomy, regions 10 & 11


Video-assisted toracoscopic pulmonary lobectomy (VL) has gained wide acceptance in the thoracic surgical community. The accuracy of mediastinal staging, its clinical value, and VL as a therapeutic tool for complete mediastinal lymph node dissection in the treatment of lung cancer is not well elucidated. Our clinical question tackles the question hilar lymphadenectomy.

Key words: VATS, lobectomy, lymphadenectomy

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Regional anaesthesia for video –assisted thoracoscopic surgery


Perioperative pain control is one of the major concerns in the patients undergoing video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) .

Key words: VATS, regional anaesthesia

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Non-Intubated VATS procedures: Our initial experiences


Non-intubated thoracic surgery is not a new idea or concept. It was developed early in the 20th century and used successfully for many years for even the most complex thoracic cases until the development of double lumen intubation in the 1950s made the use of single-lung ventilation possible. Multiple studies have reported successful thoracic surgery outcomes in Non-intubated patients, thus eliminating the majority of risks related to general anesthesia, as well as uni-lung ventilation via mechanical ventilation and intubation. Non-Intubated VATS procedures have demonstrated a high rate of success in treating those at the very margins of the thoracic surgery patient population (the extreme elderly, patients with advanced respiratory disease, or other serious medical co-morbidities) who are often deemed inoperable using current techniques. Here we present our initial experiences and results with Non-Intubated VATS procedures.

Key words: Non-Intubated, VATS

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Uniportal VATS lobectomy in the treatment of NSCLC lung cancer


Uniportal Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery (uniportal VATS) lobectomy represents the pinnacle of evolution for minimally invasive techniques in surgical management of lung cancer. Growing evidence suggest that Uniportal VATS procedures are technically feasible and safe with immediate outcomes comparable to traditional VATS approach. Uniportal approach has demonstrated equivalent disease-free survival, at intermediate follow-up for patients with early stage NSCLC, compared to conventional VATS. It represents a less invasive approach, and offers the advantage of minimizing the extent of the surgical access trauma thus resulting in postoperative pain reduction, muffled inflammatory response, early recovery and better cosmesis. Some authors described minimal changes in pulmonary function after uniportal surgery in patients with poor cardio-respiratory function. Here we present our experiences with uniportal VATS lobectomies for NSCLC.

Key words: Uniportal, VATS, lobectomy, NSCLC

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