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Signa Vitae (SV) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that aims be an unbiased and permanent forum for the fields of emergency medicine, intensive care medicine, anesthesia and pain medicine. It focuses on the latest research advances in these fields, including Disease prevention, diagnose, treatment and prognosis, Disease etiology, pathophysiology, and molecular mechanisms, Health care, Medical personnel health, Facilities and equipment, Teaching and training, Organization and management, Information and techniques, Drug application, etc. As a tool for easier and more effective experiences and science sharing, SV aims to provide professionals dedicated to all these relevant fields with cutting-edge techniques and information.


Open Access Special Issue

Simulation in cardiac surgery: current evidence

Joana Berger-Estilita,Ana Beatriz Noronha,Katharina Goltz,David Berger,Robert Greif

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.034

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Cardiothoracic anaesthesia and intensive care: current challenges and novelties)

Abstract ( 1250 ) PDF (1.73 MB) ( 177 ) Full Text

Open Access

Impact of TENS stimulation on acute postoperative pain after abdominal surgery—a pubmed review

Răzvan A. Ciocan,Ariana-Anamaria Cordoș,Andra Ciocan,Simona Mărgărit,Noemi Dîrzu,Dan S. Dîrzu

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.048

Abstract ( 850 ) PDF (1.37 MB) ( 153 ) Full Text

Open Access

Anesthesia in patients with multiple chemical sensitivity: current understanding

Alba Piroli,Alessandra Ciccozzi,Antonella Paladini,Ida Marsili,Emiliano Petrucci,Franco Marinangeli

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.096

Abstract ( 629 ) PDF (185.78 kB) ( 175 ) Full Text

Open Access

Subglottic hemangioma—prevalence, clinical presentation and treatment

Mihail Basa,Predrag Minic,Bojana Gojsina,Aleksandar Sovtic

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.095

Abstract ( 684 ) PDF (365.43 kB) ( 177 ) Full Text

Open Access

Pregnant and puerperal women's knowledge and awareness of venous thromboembolism: a medical of things survey technique

Abdulaziz S. Almulhim,Dalia A. Elmaghraby,Albatool Z. Al-Elaiw,Jumana T. Al-Ghaith,Tafuf A. Al-Saleh,Zainab M. Alshawaf,Naseem S. Alsuwailem,Norah A. Albanyan,Saja I. Alhawas,Zahrah H. Alsaeed,Mohammed Alabdulwahed

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.037

Abstract ( 1167 ) PDF (566.22 kB) ( 165 ) Full Text

Open Access

Evaluation of fibrinogen function by CFF-A10 in cardiac surgery

Minako Furuta,Hisakatsu Ito,Shota Sakai,Daisuke Hibi,Mitsuaki Yamazaki

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.072

Abstract ( 661 ) PDF (4.53 MB) ( 154 ) Full Text

Open Access

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: difficulty in maintaining sufficient compression depth at the appropriate rate

Dae Sub Lee,Mun Ki Min,Ji Ho Ryu,Min Jee Lee,Mo Se Chun,Taegyu Hyun,Seung Woo Shon

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.104

Abstract ( 420 ) PDF (327.92 kB) ( 163 ) Full Text

Open Access

An experimental study on the effects of splenectomy on bone fracture healing

Nezih Kavak,Mesut Tıkman,İlkay Güler,Nurgül Balcı,Rasime Pelin Kavak,Mustafa Sever

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.067

Abstract ( 724 ) PDF (7.82 MB) ( 174 ) Full Text

Open Access

Use of combined laryngo-bronchoscopy intubation approach in a simulated difficult airway scenario with cervical stabilization

Luigi La Via,Federica Merola,Simone Messina,Giulia Sanfilippo,Francesco Tornitore,Federica Lombardo,Marco Sanfilippo,Stefano Tigano,Filippo Sanfilippo

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.073

Abstract ( 684 ) PDF (203.38 kB) ( 146 ) Full Text

Open Access

Community's knowledge and attitude of pre-operative fasting in kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2022

Kareemah Salem Alshurtan,Ruba Mustafa Elsaid,Abdulaziz Khalid Alabdulaali,Wjood Fahad Alanazi,Raghad Fahad Alruwaili

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.106

Abstract ( 418 ) PDF (200.01 kB) ( 121 ) Full Text

Open Access

Effect of an artificial-intelligent chest radiographs reporting system in an emergency department

Do Hyeok Yoon,Sejin Heo,Jae Yong Yu,Se Uk Lee,Sung Yeon Hwang,Hee Yoon,Tae Gun Shin,Gun Tak Lee,Jong Eun Park,Hansol Chang,Taerim Kim,Won Chul Cha

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.108

Abstract ( 827 ) PDF (916.55 kB) ( 170 ) Full Text

Open Access

Prehospital drugs for sedation in psychomotor agitation, friends or foes? An observational retrospective study

Serena Tomasino,Giulio Trillo',Annarita Tullio,Elena Querena,Emiliano Fattori,Chiara Molinari,Francesco Meroi,Tiziana Bove

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.110

Abstract ( 414 ) PDF (3 MB) ( 159 ) Full Text

Open Access

Resource consumption increased for older ED patients presenting with nonspecific complaints

Kirsi Kemp,Janne Alakare,Reija Mertanen,Lasse Lehtonen,Maaret Castrén

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.071

Abstract ( 625 ) PDF (188.13 kB) ( 143 ) Full Text

Published Ahead of Print

Open Access

Acute ischemic stroke as a major neurologic complication of SARS-CoV-2 infection

Zeynep Tanriverdi,Hatice Sabiha Ture,Yesim Beckmann,Onur Yigitaslan,Tea Beqiroski

Online publish date: 07 December 2023

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.117

Abstract ( 213 ) PDF (978.83 kB) ( 124 ) Full Text

Open Access

Opioid use and prescription in emergency departments visits in Taiwan: a nationwide population-based retrospective study

Chi-Lin Kuo,Chung-Han Ho,Kuo-Chuan Hung,Yao-Tsung Lin,Ping-Heng Tan,Jhi-Joung Wang,Chin-Chen Chu

Online publish date: 07 December 2023

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.118

Abstract ( 209 ) PDF (8.29 MB) ( 113 ) Full Text

Open Access

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on bystander CPR in patient with OHCA: a registry-based before and after study in Daegu, Korea

Haewon Jung,Jung Ho Kim,Hyun Wook Ryoo,Jong-Yeon Kim,Jae Yun Ahn,Sungbae Moon,Won Kee Lee,Sang-Hun Lee

Online publish date: 15 November 2023

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.116

Abstract ( 354 ) PDF (2.01 MB) ( 134 ) Full Text

Open Access

An early presentation of neurogenic pulmonary edema in acute subarachnoid hemorrhage

Hyunju Kim,Hyunjoon Oh,Jonghak Park,Hanjin Cho,Sukyo Lee

Online publish date: 31 October 2023

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.101

Abstract ( 445 ) PDF (1.39 MB) ( 150 ) Full Text

Open Access

Emergency treatment for iatrogenic lumbar arterial injury occurred during posterior lumbar interbody fusion: a case report

Sangun Nah,Sangsoo Han,Young Soon Cho

Online publish date: 26 October 2023

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.100

Abstract ( 428 ) PDF (4.89 MB) ( 149 ) Full Text

Open Access

Risk factors for ground-level fall injuries during active activity in older patients

Jung Sung Hwang,Sun Hyu Kim,Sang Cheal Lee,SunPyo Kim,Gyu Chong Cho,Min Joung Kim,Duk Hee Lee,Yura Ko

Online publish date: 24 October 2023

DOI: 10.22514/sv.2023.099

Abstract ( 448 ) PDF (2.38 MB) ( 157 ) Full Text

Special Issues

Special issue title:

Advances in Obstetric Anaesthesia

Keywords: Obstetric Anaesthesia; Epidural Analgesia; Remifentanil-PCA; Labour and Delivery Outcomes; Quality Control in Perinatology and Obstetric Anaesthesia; ROTEM; Obstetric Haemorrhage; Preeclampsia

Editor: Prof. Tatjana Stopar Pintarič, MD, PhD, DEAA

Submission deadline: 31 December 2023

Special issue title:

Cardiothoracic anaesthesia and intensive care: current challenges and novelties

Keywords: cardiac anaesthesia, thoracic anaesthesia, intensive care, education, innovation, perioperative medicine, healthcare, outcomes, challenges

Editor: Dr. Marko Zdravkovic, MD, PhD

Submission deadline: 30 November 2022

Special issue title:

Selected papers from Korean Society of Emergency Medicine (KSEM) in 2021-2022

Keywords: Emergency medicine

Editor: Kyungwon Lee, MD, PhD,Young Duck Cho, MD, PhD

Submission deadline: 31 December 2022

Special issue title:

Medical Simulation - success in education, future of science

Keywords: medical simulation, emergency medicine, medical education

Editor: Tomasz Kłosiewicz, MD, MSc,Mateusz Puślecki, PhD

Submission deadline: 31 December 2022

Special issue title:

21st Panhellenic Congress on Regional Anaesthesia, Pain Management and Palliative Care

Keywords: Regional Anaesthesia, Pain Management, Palliative Care, PARH.SY.A., ESRA HELLAS, the A’ Anaesthesiology Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Athens

Editor: Dr. Ioanna Siafaka, MD, PhD,Dr. Maria Kokolaki, MD, PhD,Dr. Athina Vadalouca, MD, PhD, FIPP,Dr. Evmorfia Stavropoulou, MD, PhD, EDRA,Dr. Eleni Moka, MD, PhD, MSc, EDRA

Submission deadline: 27 May 2022

Special issue title:

Selected papers from Korean Association of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in 2021

Keywords: Cardiac arrest, Resuscitation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, guidelines, outcome

Editor: Prof. Won Young Kim, MD, PhD

Submission deadline: 01 June 2022

Special issue title:

Spinal Cord Injury

Keywords: Spinal cord injury (SCI), Damage mechanisms, Primary and secondary medullary lesions, Neurorehabilitation, Neurorestoration

Editor: Lecturer dr. Constantin Munteanu, PhD,Prof. Dr. Gelu Onose,Associate Prof. Dr. Mariana Rotariu, PhD,Assistant Prof. Dr. Gabriela Dogaru, PhD,Associate Prof. Dr. Elena Valentiana IONESCU, PhD,Assistant Prof. Dr. Cristina Daia, PhD

Submission deadline: 31 March 2022

Special issue title:

Outcome Measures and Assessment Tools in Spinal Cord Injury

Keywords: Spinal Cord Injury, Rehabilitation, Assessment Tools

Editor: Dr. Giovanni Galeoto

Submission deadline: 10 December 2021

Special issue title:

Opioid Free Analgesia: new concept, new trends

Keywords: Analgesia, Pain, Opioids, OFA, Regional block

Editor: Dr. Mohamed Adel Aboelela

Submission deadline: 01 April 2022

Special issue title:

Life-Threatening Clinical Situations in The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

Keywords: Acute coronary syndrome, Cardiomyopathies, Cardiac arrhythmias, Conduction disorders, Valvular heart disease, Aortic dissection, Acute pulmonary thromboembolism

Editor: Dr. Larisa ANGHEL,Dr. Cristian STĂTESCU,Dr. Radu SASCĂU

Submission deadline: 20 February 2022

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Prof. Giustino Varrassi, MD, PhD

Professor Giustino Varrassi, MD, PhD is Professor and former Chairman of the Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, University of L'Aquila, Italy. At the moment, he is president of the Paolo Procacci Foundation, Roma, Italy. His scientific interest is mainly in Pain Medicine as shown by the many initiatives he has organized in his career: Founding Member (1993) and Past-President of the European Pain Federation (EFIC), where he has served in the Executive Board for 21 years; Past-President of the Italian Association for the Study of Pain, where he has served in the Council for over 30 years. In these positions, he has organized over 40 international and national congresses. Moreover, he has an intense publishing activity on Pain Medicine and other aspects of his medical specialty. More recently, he has joined NEMA Research Group. as Senior Consultant.